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5x Fat Wood Sticks

Can't find any Fat wood in your local woods or wanting to try something new? These 5 pieces of Pine Fat wood are filled with resin and will shave down really well to take a spark.


10g of Char Cloth

This is made from 100% cotton and will take a spark easily from a Flint and Steel or Fero Rod


Micro Fire Tinder Starter Tin (Approx 7 Fires)

This is a very nice Micro compact tin which when used correctly will give you the means to create the very start of around 7 fires. Great to just put into a Pack or Pocket and forget about it until the time is needed!! Content includes the following: 1x Metal tin (Sliding), 1x Fero Rod (Optional Extra) , 2x Cotton Wool Tubes (each tube holds about a 5th of a cotton wool ball) 2x Pieces of Char Cloth (100% Cotton), 2x Strike anywhere matches, Some Fat Wood Shavings, 1x Rolls of Birch Bark, 25cm of Jute Twine, 1x Ranger Band Please note that the tins content of wood/bark may very from the picture above depending where I harvest it from.


5x 5ml Tubes of Potassium Permanganate & Glycerine Fire Starter

This is a really fun way to start a fire with a chemical reaction. Each set (1 of each tube) will have enough content to start approx 3-4 fires. Due to the nature of this product I will have to ship each chemical in different packets not to case any accidental fires in the post. The cost includes postage.


Fire Shot Tubes x8 Tinder Kits

I have created a very nice handy fire tinder tubes called Fire Shots. You will recieve 8 5ml tubs with the following tinders: Fat Wood Dust and Shavings Cotton Wool Birch Bark Sharvings 2m Jute Twine Potassium Permanganate Char Cloth Cotton Wool Bud Tips / Q Tips Wax Wood